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        Hydroforming Process

        Professor Metal explains how hydroforming utilizes a punch, a ring, a pressurized forming chamber, and a flexible rubber diaphragm to transform a ductile metal blank into a shaped metal part.

        Hydroforming is a manufacturing process where fluid pressure is applied to a ductile metallic blank to form a desired component shape. This process requires hydroforming tools, consisting of a punch made in the shape of the desired part, a ring contoured to fit around the punch and a pressurized forming chamber sealed by a flexible rubber diaphragm.

        The typical process cycle starts by placing the metal blank onto a ring that is located over the lower tool (punch). The chamber is then closed over the blank and fluid pressure is applied to the top side of the sheet metal blank. At the same time the punch is pushed up into the blank. The pressure is sufficient to cause the blank to form and take the shape of the punch.

        The terms Hydroform and Deep Draw are many times used interchangeably, with Hydroform now being the industry "buzz word" for metal forming. Both processes offer their own unique advantages to metal forming.

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        Why Do We Choose Amalco?

        “Amalco offers a 'one-stop shop'. In the past, our combustion cones were shipped back and forth between several subcontractors to have them perform different production steps. Amalco performs each of these operations at one facility, thereby reducing our cone supplier base from three to one. Now, we coordinate inventory and communications with only one cone supplier, which saves us invaluable time and resources.”
        — L.N., Director Of Supply Chain Management
        for a major manufacturer of waste oil burning heating systems

        Design and Engineering Support for Hydroforming and Deep Drawn Metal Manufacturing

        With 100 years and 4 generations of experience, Amalco offers design and engineering support for customers who need to manufacture deep drawn and hydroformed metal products and parts. Our team is ready to help you solve design challenges and answer your hydroforming process and deep drawing process questions. If you are new to metal forming and fabrication, Professor Metal is here help you get started.

        Professor Metal
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        230 Sheffield Street, Mountainside, NJ 07092
        Phone: 908-233-3500
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