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        Amalco Trade Show Video

        During a recent Design2Part Trade Show American Aluminum Company – also known as Amalco – was featured in a video highlighting the company's deep draw and hydroforming capabilities. In the video, Al Chillemi, part of Amalco's domestic and international sales division, explains the company's sought-after metal forming processes. "As a deep draw and hydroforming company, we take sheets of any type of metal – Aluminum, Stainless, Carbon Steel, Hastelloy?, Inconel?, Nickel, Copper and others – and we do what is called multiple draws; where we reduce the size of the blank smaller and smaller and deeper and deeper, while keeping the material thickness uniform throughout the process, to form custom shapes. Our Custom enclosures are used for any and all applications/markets, including the Military, where “seamless construction" is required.

        Amalco's Hydrographics Capabilities

        Amalco uses a process known as hydrographics to imprint designs on three-dimensional parts. This allows Amalco's expert engineers to create intricate, complex shapes. As Mr. Chillemi explains, "If a customer selects an image they like, we cut the image – the transfer paper – to size. That paper is laid in water and it's held at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The backing melts away, leaving the ink to float on the water. And we simply take the enclosure and dip it in, and the ink transfers on to the plastic part - or the aluminum part, or whatever - and we clean it up, dry it, and then we lacrospray it, and we have a custom type, a novelty look, or whatever the customer wants."

        Amalco's Deep Draw Capabilities

        Amalco has more than 100 years of experience manufacturing hard-to-make metal components. In reference to one particularly complex order, Chillemi remarks, "A part like this military sensor housing is very difficult to form. The actual customer that came to us found us on the web, and they said, 'You have 101 years of experience in metal forming. Can you make this for us, because no one can?' And we actually did the part for them, and they love it. And that's our specialty, really. It's custom parts that no one else could draw."

        Amalco's Design Services

        In addition to Amalco's deep draw and hydroforming capabilities, the company also offers expert metal fabrication and design services. As Chillemi explains, "A lot of engineers will design a part, but there's not a good a way to manufacture it. We'll help them design it so we can manufacture it as cheaply as possible, yet maintain the quality. And also we have in-house capabilities to do almost any secondary operation. So once we draw a part, we can put holes in, we can paint it, iridite, anodize, or whatever is needed. We also have CNC machine centers, so we're really a one-stop shop."

        About Design2Part

        Design2Part offers the largest design and contract manufacturing trade shows in the United States. Each Design2Part show gives design and manufacturing engineers, managers, and purchasers the opportunity to meet directly with exhibiting companies to discuss services, see samples, and ask questions.

        Look for Amalco’s metal design experts at numerous 2012 trade shows.

        We Are Here to Help

        Deep draw and hydroforming sales and support engineers are ready to answer your questions.

        Call: (908) 233-3500
        Or complete the form and we will promptly contact you.
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        Conforms to MIL-I-4520S Amalco Celebrating 100 Years in Business Registered ITAR M20157
        Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

        Why Do We Choose Amalco?

        “Amalco offers a 'one-stop shop'. In the past, our combustion cones were shipped back and forth between several subcontractors to have them perform different production steps. Amalco performs each of these operations at one facility, thereby reducing our cone supplier base from three to one. Now, we coordinate inventory and communications with only one cone supplier, which saves us invaluable time and resources.”
        — L.N., Director Of Supply Chain Management
        for a major manufacturer of waste oil burning heating systems

        Design and Engineering Support for Hydroforming and Deep Drawn Metal Manufacturing

        With 100 years and 4 generations of experience, Amalco offers design and engineering support for customers who need to manufacture deep drawn and hydroformed metal products and parts. Our team is ready to help you solve design challenges and answer your hydroforming process and deep drawing process questions. If you are new to metal forming and fabrication, Professor Metal is here help you get started.

        Professor Metal
        AMALCO American Aluminum Company
        230 Sheffield Street, Mountainside, NJ 07092
        Phone: 908-233-3500
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